Gyumri – Day 1

GYUMRI as Live Organism

Human being is live organism and the city as well.

Artist shows the reality – creator makes it alive.

We look to our city as a live being and as human- it has senses.

We divide our students to 5 groups.

Each group has to research and find it’s perception of certain quality (through sound, sight, touch, smell or taste) of the city.

Each group has it’s chosen place in the city, they collect narratives and different kinds of materials from that places – they make active their senses for finding new vision – tongue of art, which is understandable for each of us, despite of country and nationality.

Each of five groups: group of Sound




                                               Taste are going to give a presentation of their work and research. One of the walls of our gallery space we prepared for collage presentations.

Our goal is to find out the synthesized image of Gyumri city through natural senses of perception of art students.